Hi Folks, We are glad to announce, that our partner in crime, Avatao has developed another great CAPTURE THE FLAG GAME for #Hacktivity2019. Participants with the best 3 results will WIN A FREE TICKET for the conference, and we also distribute one ticket among the contestants.

Everybody can test their skills by trying offensive and defensive security tasks and has the chance to get acquainted with the typical bugs and the ways to eliminate them in different environments. The path will start with easy tasks but includes difficult ones as well.

The challenge starts on 18th September at 8.30 a.m.! Take the #Hacktivity2019 path at https://avatao.com/events/hacktivity2019, register on the platform and try your skills on a variety of challenges! The CTF is accessible from your browser, so you only need your laptop to get in the game. Solve exciting hands-on challenges, practice in a virtual lab environment and win a ticket for #Hacktivity2019! Share and care for the community!

As you might already know, we’ll hand over a cool ELECTRONIC HARDWARE-HACKING BADGE sponsored by the Cyber Risk Services team of Deloitte Hungary for our ticket buyers. If you haven’t bought your ticket for #Hacktivity2019 yet, don’t waste any time and get it now, because we can provide the badges ONLY WHILE THE STOCK LASTS!

If you like CTF games, you will have the opportunity to try your skills at the conference as well! Visit the HackCenter and take part of the CTF challenges created by the Hackerspace squad of Budapest and Szeged! The game will be different compared to previous years. As always, teams will compete for the two days, but instead of awarding the first team, there will be another challenge at the end of the second day. The first and second team can take part in the SPEED HACKING COMPETITION. (The whole teams can participate but only one team member can sit in front of the computer.) Three medium difficulty challenges have to be solved in less than 90 minutes to win the CTF. What makes this interesting that players have to log in to a jumpbox (Kali Linux), and the screen of these jumpboxes will be displayed on a projector. Conference attendees will be able to follow how the best players play CTF in real-time. To make things even more interesting, two commentators will spice up the competition.

Key takeaways of SPEED HACKING:

  • CTF players can show who is the king of the hill.
  • Conference attendees can learn from the best.

Do not forget, that there are still some free places for our COMPREHENSIVE IT SECURITY TRAINING SESSIONS right before #Hacktivity2019 conference! You can still apply for the following sessions:

There is some more good news coming your way, so stay tuned! 😉

Best regards,

The Hacktivity Team