Hi Folks, there is only ONE DAY LEFT until #Hacktivity2021 – The IT Security Festival in CEE and we would like to provide some important information for you regarding the conference.


Location of #HACKTIVITY2021
MOM Cultural Center

Csörsz str. 18.
1124 Budapest, Hungary

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You can travel to the conference by tram #59, #17, #61, bus #212 or taxi.



Doors are open from 07:45, the opening ceremony starts at 08:25, but you’ll have to register on the spot in order to get your armband, so please arrive on time! It’s more comfortable if you can take your seat relaxed and don’t have to rush, isn’t it?



If you come by car, you can park at the public parking places in the neighborhood, but you also can use the garage of MOM Park, the garage of LARUS Restaurant or Budapest Congress Center (you need to pay for all parking options).



IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to bring your tickets with you as you have to show them at the entrance to get your armband.



According to the current government decree, a vaccination or immunity certificate, or a 48hrs negative PCR-test is needed to enter the conference. We’ll also provide hand sanitizers at the venue, draw attention to the importance of social distancing, and ventilate the venue as often as we can. Wearing masks will not be mandatory but recommended to our visitors.


For VIP Guests

Hacktivity VIP Pass holders can enter the conference at a separate entrance (left-hand side at the main entrance), they can enjoy the VIP lunch during the conference – along with the speakers/other VIP guests/staff.


Coffee break

There will be 10 minutes long coffee breaks in between the presentations. During this period you can buy coffee, snacks, and beverages at the Snack Bar on the Ground floor.


Lunch break

During the 40 minutes long lunch break, you can have some food and drinks at the Snack Bar.



Most of the speakers will be at the venue of the conference to provide a live presentation and Q&A session, but some of them cannot travel to Budapest due to the restrictions or visa issues caused by the pandemic. Check out the schedule here. The presentations of away speakers can be still watched at the venue on screen, and these speakers will be available for a live online Q&A session after their talk. Thank you for your understanding. As there are many great talks, we could not include all of them in the final schedule of the conference day, there will be 3 presentations on-demand, that can be reached from the online stream landing page for all ticket buyers. You can see these talks on the schedule. The landing page URL of the online stream will be sent to all ticket buyers right before the conference.


Hack & Lángos Podcast

After the Q&A session of each presentation, Hack & Lángos will be switched in to add their thoughts to what has been said earlier. The audience can listen to these short podcasts both in the Security Theater and in the Security Dome during breaks throughout the day.


Workshop sessions

There will be 6 on-site and 2 online (via Zoom) workshop sessions at #Hacktivity2021. There is a pre-registration for the sessions. If you would like to attend a workshop, you can register at this location until 11.00 pm, 7th October. If there are free seats left at the specific sessions, you can still join the workshop when it starts. Check out the schedule here! (Please note that on-site 20 people can attend a workshop at the same time)


Leisure zone

As usual, there will be a leisure zone at the conference, where you can relax in beanbags and follow the presentations of the Security Theater on screen.



At the venue, you can visit the HackCenter which is going to be the heaven for hackers who want to solve some exciting challenges, share their thoughts with each other, looking for a solution to a specified problem, or just have questions about a certain topic. The team of HackerSpace Budapest and HackSpace Szeged alongside SecurITeam will provide software & hardware hacking challenges, lockpicking workshop sessions, CTF games, a rogue AP,  and a timing attack demo just to name a few. There will be also 5-10 minutes long lightning talks where hackers can present their ideas or try their presentation skills. Do you have a topic or an idea that’s not fully developed? Bring it in and we’ll help you work it out! Maybe you can finalize and present it at the next BSidesBUD conference in May 2022. 😉


Are you ready to learn hacking Cryptocurrencies through realistic examples?

After the success of the CCTF game at #Hackitvity2020 and #BSidesBUD2021, Awalcon, Cryptall, HODlife and HSBP have created new challenges for you! The mission is to hack to ROUND 2. The winner will be awarded a flight ticket and accommodation to Dubai, to enter the next Bitcoin Yacht Party where ROUND2 will be played. The aim of CC7F is to create a playground for the best crypto hackers. You can also meet the creators at the HackCenter. Can you HODL on through the pain of all challenges? Solve at least 5 of them and earn a crypto bag with seeds and win also a ticket to #Hacktivity2022 with a Hacktivity T-shirt! Don’t worry if you are not present locally, because anyone can participate over the internet. You can register for the game on the CCTF site: https://cryptoctf.org/ Are you ready to pwn?

Blue Team CTF

Our partner Binary Confidence will prepare a special blue-team capture the flag (CTF) online competition exclusively for the participants of #Hacktivity2021. The Guardians is a blue-team capture the flag (CTF) online competition, where you can test your skills in Digital Forensics, Incident Response, and Threat Hunting. But Guardians is not just a game. It’s a set of challenges designed to help those interested in IT security to learn and test their practical DFIR skills in an environment that resembles a real enterprise network. Our virtual enterprise has all that a real enterprise has – servers (Domain controllers, MS Exchange, fileserver, webserver, …), firewalls, IDS, log management, or workstations. Simulated users send emails, surf the Internet and use internal resources. And as many enterprises, it is the constant target for hackers. The attacks are prepared in cooperation with professional penetration testers and based on real methods used by APT groups. The competition is open for individuals so sign up, try to solve the most challenges, and win some cool prizes. You don’t need to have any special tools installed to play, any modern web browser will do the job. The main prize of the game is a cool KeyVault from Crayonic and an iPad + some cool Binary Confidence swag. Ticket buyers can take part in the game at the following URL by using a special code that will be displayed on posters at the venue of the conference and at the online stream landing page: https://hacktivity.wargame.sk/

Virtual Escape Room by PwC

Our partner, PwC will provide a VIRTUAL ESCAPE ROOM at #Hacktivity2021. 2 people can take part in the game at the same time via Oculus Quest VR Headsets (sanitized continuously), while others can watch their adventure on screen. Make sure to check it out!

CTF game by KPMG

Get wired and show off your skills! KPMG prepared a CTF game, an easy and a hard machine waiting to get hacked. They set up a prize system where beginners can also win the jackpot. And the cake is not a lie! It’s a Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Computer Kit! Don’t miss their exciting challenge and awards, meet them at the KPMG booth and enter the competition.



If you do not have a Twitter account, make sure to register one and follow @hacktivityconf as it will be the official communications channel during the two days of the conference. If you mention us in a tweet don’t forget to use the official hashtag: #Hacktivity2021. 😉


CPE Points

Don’t forget that you’ll be able to gain CPE credits by ISACA for attending the conference! You can find the ISACA stand at the exhibition area (on the First floor).


Online stream

As it was mentioned before, for ticket buyers, who cannot take part in #Hacktivity2021 personally, we will provide an online stream about the presentations, and also 2 online workshop sessions. Both the talks in the Security Theater and the Security Dome can be watched in 2 separate streams. And there will be also 3 on-demand presentations to watch anytime. For the online workshop sessions, you can register at the regular workshop registration page. The URL of the streaming page will be sent to ticket buyers right before the conference via e-mail.

We hope that you’ll have a good time and #HACKTIVITY2021 will be a great experience for you again!

See you all at the conference!

Best regards,

The Hacktivity Team