Hi Folks, there is only ONE WEEK LEFT until the online ticket sales ends for #Hacktivity2019, meaning that we are closing the ticket selling page at midnight, on 23rd October.

If you want to attend the conference and if you want to have an electronic badge, do not waste any time and get your ticket now, as we can only provide these gadgets while the stock lasts! And we’ll run out of stock in the next couple of days!

Another important information is that this year you’ll have to REGISTER for the WORKSHOP SESSIONS right BEFORE the conference. The registration will start on 23rd October at 10.00 am (in one week) and we’ll send a newsletter with the registration link, so stay tuned, if you want to take part in the workshop sessions!

This year you can attend 6 different comprehensive, 2 hours long workshop sessions:

  • CryptoCurrency is The Flag WorkshopSix
  • Introduction To IoT Reverse Engineering with an Example on a Home Router WorkshopValerio Di Giampietro
  • Beautifying Binaries Workshop Benedikt Schmotzle
  • Introduction to Fuzzing WorkshopDhiraj Mishra
  • Inject Secrets Directly into Pods from Vault Workshop Nándor Krácser & Péter Balogh
  • Building Malware Analysis & TI Pipeline in the Cloud Workshop Abhinav Singh

Best regards,

The Hacktivity Team