Hi Folks, we are thrilled to announce the keynote speakers for #Hacktivity2019 and some of the presentations/workshop sessions for the conference as well!



  • Live-Patching Weak Crypto with OpenSSL Engines – presentation by Ignat Korchagin
  • Onix: Zero Day Initiative Ruined my Life! – presentation by Abdul Aziz-Hariri
  • ADBHoney – Analyzing the ADB Malware Ecosystem – presentation by Gabriel Cirlig
  • Phishing Through Modern 2FA Defences With Evilginx – presentation by Kuba Greztky
  • Gatekeeper – Bypass or not Bypass? – light talk by Csaba Fitzl
  • Oldschool is Still Cool – presentation by Zoltán Balázs
  • WHOAMI /PRIV – Show Me Your Privileges & I’ll Lead You To System – presentation by Andrea Pierini
  • Social Engineering through Social Media: Profiling, Scanning for Vulnerabilities & Victimizing – presentation by Christina Lekati
  • CryptoCurrency is The Flag – workshop by Six
  • Inject Secrets Directly into Pods from Vault – workshop by Nándor Krácser & Péter Balogh


Best regards,

The Hacktivity Team