Hi Folks, we are happy to announce that despite the COVID-19 coronavirus #Hacktivity2020 is still going to happen!

As you all know, we are facing difficult times and due to the uncertain international situation, we have made a decision to move #Hacktivity2020 into the virtual space. So clear your calendars for 8-10 October 2020 and make sure to take part! Good news is that you can do it from all over the world!

KEYWORDS for 2020:

  • online stream;
  • live discussions;
  • 3 days long conference;
  • 3 streams: English, Hungarian, free (with very limited content);
  • talk-show with IT sec experts between the talks;
  • virtual sponsor booths,
  • 2 hours long workshop sessions;

Safety of our audience and speakers is the top priority for us and as everybody knows, Hacktivity is a truly international event. Last year we had visitors from 24 countries and 90% of our speakers are usually coming from abroad. We insist on keeping the international atmosphere of Hacktivity because we believe that it is one of the biggest benefits of our conference. And how can you organize a cross-border IT security festival during a pandemic? Make it online!

When we decided to hold #Hacktivity2020 as a virtual event the most important driving factor was not to let our audience down and still provide the latest trends of cybersecurity while keeping the opportunity of networking. These two cornerstones lead to the concept of what we call #Hacktivity2020 Live!

We will provide 20 and 40 minutes presentations and roundtable discussions as usual via live stream and give the opportunity to our audience to interact with the speakers on our Discord channel. After every presentation, there will be a 5 minutes long Q&A session, where the presenters will answer your questions. After each Q&A session, we will switch to our studio where cybersecurity experts will discuss the presentations just like in a TV-magazine or a sports broadcasting.

In addition to the presentations, we will provide 2 hours long comprehensive workshop sessions throughout the 3 days of #Hacktivity2020 Live! The workshop sessions will be held via Zoom. We will organize some online games as well where participants can win special prizes offered by our sponsors. Speaking of sponsors: there will be an opportunity for our sponsors to have a virtual booth, where they can interact with the audience.

Early bird tickets have already been launched for #Hacktivity2020.


These features mentioned above will only be available for our ticket buyers. Each and every ticket holder will receive a special code on their tickets. This code will be the key to entering our live-stream page where the magic will happen. We are currently developing this page to get the maximum out of the virtual space and provide extraordinary content that comes close to the experience of a personal event.

Those, who are not purchasing a ticket for the conference can only watch a live stream with a very limited number of presentations. They cannot enter the official Discord channel, will not have the opportunity to ask from the speakers and to take part in workshop sessions or watch the discussions after the presentations.

Good news for the Hungarian participants is that there will be Hungarian subtitles available for every presentation!

As you can see, #Hacktivity is going to be a special event in 2020. This year, we cannot risk to make it as a usual personal conference, but we believe that the virtual version will be just as exciting, fun, and informative. This is the wise decision to make right now. We hope that you understand it and see you in our virtual audience this year!

We’ll keep you posted with all the exciting features and benefits of #Hacktivity2020 Live! So stay tuned for more information!

Best regards,
The Hacktivity Team