In 2020 coronavirus means a huge challenge to the world, and the Hacktivity cybersecurity conference team would like to thank the public sector for their great work in the frontline by expanding the Hackademy program.

This means that the organizers provide free tickets to employees of educational institutions, hospitals, municipalities and other public service institutions to stay up to date with the latest cyber security trends and train themselves via the workshop sessions available at the conference.

One of the main missions of the Hacktivity cyber security conference, which will be held online in 2020, is to support the IT community. Accordingly, as part of the so-called Hackademy program, 50 free tickets are distributed each year to domestic IT training institutions so that students and their teachers can extend their cybersecurity knowledge and build their network. This scholarship program is now being extended to public institutions worldwide.

At this year’s online event, 44 speakers from 20 countries will discuss current IT security topics such as hacking facial recognition systems, security challenges on 5G networks, modern phishing techniques, security risks of Ethereum’s cryptocurrency smart contracts, wireless alarm systems and smart home vulnerabilities. The language of the lectures is English, but they will also be available with Hungarian subtitles.

In addition to the presentations, there are several comprehensive workshop sessions on 7 different topics, so it’s worth registering for tickets for those who want to be familiar with the basics of web security, digging deeper into game hacking, or want to get more knowledge about Android application security. More information about the workshops and lectures can be found on the event’s website.

You can apply for the extended Hackademy program using the form below, and the information needed to view the conference will then be sent by e-mail to all participants. All you need to register your name, email address and the name of your organization: