After the successful first Hacktivity badge in 2018, organizers of the conference have reached huge step forward: thanks to the Cyber Risk Services team of Deloitte Hungary, EVERY TICKET BUYER will receive a cool electronic hardware-hacking badge!

Seasoned hardware hackers will hopefully find this a nice way to tease their minds, while beginners will have the opportunity to visit the HackCenter at #Hacktivity2019 to learn the necessary bits of knowledge to tackle the challenges. In the end, we aim to get a nice piece of hardware into the hands of the visitors and a feeling of success on their minds.

About the Hacktivity Badge in 2019:

  • Runs MicroPython
  • Has connectivity over USB, WiFi and IR
  • Will have an appstore for its users
  • Looking cool
  • Everyone will talk about it at the conference


  • 6 touch buttons
  • 128×64 LCD screen
  • 6 RGB LEDs
  • IR transmitter and receiver
  • Buzzer
  • WiFi
  • USB serial connection

Click here to get more detailed information about the #Hacktivity2019 Badge!